OpClear® deals with:

  • Blood
  • Condensation
  • Splatter
  • The fatty plume generated from the use of energy
  • Smearing from touching tissue

At last! An intelligent solution for cleaning the laparoscope inside the abdomen.

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OpClear® is:

  • Intelligent – the control unit delivers only what is required to keep the lens clear.
  • Safer – OpClear® maintains surgeon vision during difficult procedural or acute bleeding events. Reduces operating times and improves patient safety.
  • Faster – OpClear® saves time by reducing the number of scope removals and the amount of time spent cleaning the laparoscope.
  • Better – OpClear® is easy to set up and use. It reduces the number of products required to clear the lens of particulate matter and deal with condensation. So no more scope warming devices, anti-fog solution, swabs or water baths…