The intelligent OpClear® control unit uses patented technology to manipulate the delivery of CO2 and saline. This travels along the OpClear® disposable and across the laparoscope’s lens.

Condensation – the demist function will prevent and manage misting of the laparoscope by delivering CO2 pulses across the lens.

Particulate debris – for everything else, a tap on the footswitch delivers a shot of saline “wash” and a pulse of CO2 “wipe” across the lens surface. OpClear® clears the fatty plume generated from the use of energy; smearing from touching tissue and any blood or splatter.

Tap the footswitch to clean the lens. Press for 2 seconds to start/stop the demist function for condensation.

The saline reservoir is filled via the 3 way tap using a 10ml syringe.

The OpClear® control unit delivers CO2 and saline to the disposable.

The OpClear® disposable is easy to attach to the laparoscope.

OpClear® maintains surgeon vision – see the difference!

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