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13 Oct 2022

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News & Events

ASMBS 2023 Annual Meeting
12 Oct 2022

Cipher Surgical will be heading to Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, June 25th-29th, 2023 for The ASMBS 2023 Annual Meeting, the largest gathering of surgeons and integrated health professionals practicing in the field of metabolic and bariatric surgery. We look forward to showcasing the OpClear Platform and discussing the benefits of using OpClear in bariatric surgery. Contact us today to book an appointment with the team.

Obesity has become an increasingly prevalent issue in the U.S., and bariatric surgery has become one of the most effective solutions for those looking to lose a significant amount of weight. Bariatric surgery is a major operation that involves reducing the size of the stomach and, in some cases, rerouting the small intestine in order to limit the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. With bariatric surgery growing globally at a rate of 10% year on year, it is increasingly seen as a safe and effective tool in combating the obesity epidemic.

The recent innovations in bariatric surgery have made it an even more effective option for those looking to lose a significant amount of weight. These innovations have also made the procedure safer and easier to recover from, making it an even more viable option for those in need of weight loss solutions.

Laparoscopic techniques have made bariatric surgery quicker and less invasive than ever before. Smaller incisions are used, and the amount of time that patients spend in the operating room is drastically reduced. This means that the recovery process is much faster and less painful. However Laparoscopic surgery in the upper GI space generally requires frequent scope lens cleaning due to the lens smearing with fat and other particulates. The in-situ cleaning provided by OpClear solves this issue and allows the surgeon to continue without removing the scope to clean the lens.

Due to the inherent risks involved in using anaesthetic on obese patients, it is desirable to ensure the procedure is performed as quickly as possible, therefore reducing the amount of anaesthetic that is needed for each patient. OpClear allows the surgeon to perform the procedure with clarity of vision, thus reducing the need to remove the laparoscope for cleaning, shortening procedural time.


News & Events

Cipher Surgical takes part in 2023 ABHI US Accelerator
12 Oct 2022

Cipher Surgical recently attended the first leg of The Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) US Accelerator program in Texas, to introduce UK-based medtech companies to the region’s leading healthcare investors and corporate partners.

During the visit, we presented our vision for the future of minimally invasive surgery to potential investors and partners. Cipher demonstrated the potential for our technology to improve the clarity of vision during surgery for the surgeon, as well as reduce the amount of time spent in the operating room due to fewer scope removals for cleaning.

The visit was an excellent opportunity for Cipher Surgical to showcase their technology and gain exposure to the US market. The US healthcare industry is a major player in the global market and presents a great opportunity for UK-based medtech companies. The visit was a success and Cipher Surgical is now well-positioned to capitalise on the opportunities the US market offers.

“insert quote here” Mike Von Glahn, Regional Sales Director, attended the Accelerator programme

News & Events

Mark Alley appointed as President of Cipher Surgical Inc.
12 Oct 2022

As US President of Cipher Surgical Inc. Mark will be responsible for all aspects of US Operations.

A proven global executive leader with extensive experience building and developing teams that consistently exceed revenue goals, Mark has a passion for assessing sales performance and leading teams thru rapid growth.



“We are delighted to have attracted such a high calibre executive in Mark to manage our US operations,” said Andrew Newell, Cipher Surgical’s CEO “At this point in the OpClear’s development towards adoption as a new gold standard in laparoscopic lens clearing, we are experiencing significant interest in the OpClear from the US surgical community. Mark’s management and commercial expertise and experience in surgical devices will be essential to drive sales of the OpClear through our direct sales team and 3rd parties, to fully utilise our operational partnership with MSI out of Chantilly and to develop strategic alliances.”





Mr Alley most recently served as Vice President of Sales at Medtronic. He started his professional career at Black and Decker and subsequently also held various leadership roles at Boston Scientific, Johnson and Johnson, Spirox, Entellus Medical, Stryker, Levita Magnetics, Intersect ENT, and Medtronic.