Quick & Effective Lens Cleaning

Quickly wash away smearing and debris such as blood and vaporized fats with a simple tap of a foot switch.

Automatic Demisting

Automatically remove condensation and prevent fogging of the lens, without operator assistance.
Continuous Vision
Prevent Impaired
Laparoscopic Vision
Simple to Set Up,
Easy to Operate
Improve Operating Room

Why OpClear?

Maintain continuous intra-abdominal vision with intelligent CO2 flow at the laparoscope’s tip, and reduce scope removal events with in-situ on demand CO2 and saline lens wash.
Procedures with OpClear have a 97% reduction in scope removal events.1

Prevent Impaired Laparoscopic Vision

37% of operative time is spent with suboptimal vision, requiring the laparoscope to be removed from the abdominal cavity every 12 minutes to clear obstructions.2,3
In a 2hr 40 minute procedure, this accounts for 59 minutes.2,3

Simple to set up. Easy to operate

The OpClear platform is simple to set up and operate, reducing overall interruptions within the operating room.

Improve Operating Room productivity

Use of OpClear improves operating room productivity by maintaining procedural flow, and leads to shorter operating times, resulting in cost savings.
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