The OpClear platform has been designed for use in complex endoscopic cases to provide continuous intra-abdominal vision to the surgical team, maintaining a surgical flow associated with fewer surgical errors1-3 and shorter operating times.1-4
Clarity of the surgical site with
intelligent CO2 flow

at the lens tip
Control of visual obstructions
with on demand
in-situ lens wash
Continuity of surgical procedures
minimizing scope
removal events

How it Works

In-situ on demand CO2 and saline lens wash rapidly clears larger visual obstructions such as blood or particles from energy plumes to provide continuous vision throughout each procedure.

The OpClear Platform consists
of Two Parts

The OpClear Platform
Simple to Set Up,
Easy to Operate

Clinical Data

Reduce Lens
Removal Events
OpClear avoided up to 15 potential scope removals per case and maintained excellent visibility throughout.5
Excellent support for surgical training. Well-accepted by OR staff .

...and Save Time in the
Operating Room

Intrabdominal lens cleaning permits the operating surgeon to maintain the laparoscope in position during crucial procedural points, facilitating uninterrupted excision.4

OpClear can not only reduce procedure duration but also assist in reducing operating costs.6,7

Training & Support

Cipher Surgical offers excellent training and support both for individuals and full teams. For further information please get in touch.
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